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SCN 494- Sustainability Science for Teachers

This "sustainability for teachers" guide provides over 50 short videos and resources covering the main issues related to sustainability. These issues are: population, human needs, natural resources, water,recycling, equity, and much more. Enjoy it!


Concepts from the Readings

  • Sustainability
  • Three pillars diagram
  • Sustainability big ideas
  • Educating the next generation

Main Readings

- “It’s all connected” Book: Unit 1 - Global Issues,  pages 4 – 18

This unit covers the main definitions related to sustainability, such as, three pillars of sustainability diagram, carrying capacity, quality of life, renewable and nonrenewable resources, GDP, and more.

- What is sustainable development? Goals, indicators, values, and practice

This article relates to the history of sustainability; how it is defined; its goals and values; how it is measured; how it might be achieved, and its relation to science and technology.

- Top 10 Myths about Sustainability

This article presents the most comon myths heard in the media and out in the streets about what sustainability is and most common solutions people mention when they talk about sustainablity.

Additional Readings

- Sustainability “Big Ideas” (Co-created by Jean MacGregor, The Evergreen State College; Victor Nolet, Western Washington U; and Facing the Future)

This 2-page document briefly describe 29 of the big ideas and concepts that define the field of sustainability; some of these ideas are: intergeneratonal thinking, human population growth, cradle-to-cradle, ecological footprint, tragedy of the commons, etc

- Environment and Development: Sustainability Science by Robert W. Kates, William C. Clark, et all. Science. April 2001. Vol. 292 No. 5517, pp 641-642.

This article defines sustainability science through a set of key questions and challenges.

Online Resources

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