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SCN 494- Sustainability Science for Teachers

This "sustainability for teachers" guide provides over 50 short videos and resources covering the main issues related to sustainability. These issues are: population, human needs, natural resources, water,recycling, equity, and much more. Enjoy it!


Concepts from the Readings

  • Population growth
  • Exponential growth
  • What drives population growth
  • Population growth trends

Main Readings

- “It’s all connected” Book: Unit 2 - Population, pages 19 – 25

This unit provides an overview of the population growth history, graph describing population growth exponential nature, factors driving population growth, and more.

Additional Readings

- How many people people should the earth support?

This articles talks about fundamental questions and concerns about population growth and the state of natural resources.

- The world's worst population problem (Is there a population problem?)

Prof. Al Bartlett presents the main drivers of population growth, he briefly explains the arithmetic behind the issue, describe some of the global issues of our population problem, questions we need to address and efforts to control population growth.

- (PDF) Child Survival and population growth

This article from UNICEF explains why child survival is a good way to control population growth. This article mention four closely related and interacting factors that influence fertility levels and child survival; physiological, replacement, insurance, and confidence factors.

- 2010 Census counts nearly 309 million americans

Short article about 2010 US census results. It has an interactive tool that allows to see changes in population growth by state since 1910.

- (PDF) World population to exceed 9 billion by 2050

UN population division 2008 press release about population estimates and projections.

- World Population Growth Slows Modestly, Still on Track for 7 Billion in Late 2011

This article from the world watch institute gives an overview of trends in population growth and how modest changes happened to population growth. the article also provides information about the share of population growth each region in the planet has.

Online Resources

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