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SCN 494- Sustainability Science for Teachers

This "sustainability for teachers" guide provides over 50 short videos and resources covering the main issues related to sustainability. These issues are: population, human needs, natural resources, water,recycling, equity, and much more. Enjoy it!


Concepts from the Readings

  • Air Pollution
  • Human impact on ocean health
  • Environmental justice
  • Human footprint
  • Essential policies for sustainability

Main Readings

- “It’s all connected” Book: Unit 4 - Environment (Atmosphere and Ocean),  pages 54 – 59

This unit talks about air quality impacts; topics such as acid rain, thinning of the ozone layer, and global warming are covered in this section. Pages 58 and 59covers the human impact on ocean health.

Additional Readings

- Footprint basics - Introduction 

This series of short articles introduce to the concepts related to human footprint

- Living Planet Report 2010

This report from wwf presents information about the state of planet earth's resources. The report provides lots of written and graphical information.

- 2010 State of the World: Transforming Cultures - The Rise and Fall of Consumer Cultures

This chapter from the 2010 state of the world report emphasizes of consumer patterns of people around the world. This article also listed and explain several unsustainable activities by industry.

- The tragedy of the commons by Garrett Hardin

This article originally written in 1968 and published in the journal Science, was the most ellocuent description of the dilema of competing use of shared natural resources. this dilema was named "the tragedy of the common"

- Extensions of "The Tragedy of the Commons"

A revision of the famous "tragedy of the common" paper by the original author Garrett Hardin

- The ultimate bike trip: the Amazon rainforest

This essay published by the mongabay website, narrates the journey of Jeremy Hance in his trip to the amazon rainforest. Jeremy narrates what he saw and answer questions asked by the mongabay reporter.

- World on the Edge: Quick Facts

These a list of facts about the state of the sustainability of the world. this list of facts are from Lester Borown's new book "World on edge". state of water in the world, use of energy, and food production are discussed in each book chapter, which is available for download for free.

- World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse

This is a list of online book chapters written by Lester Brown about the sustainability problems facing the world and potential solutions.

- Parched for Peace: The Fertile Crescent Might Be Barren

This short article talks about the water crisis affecting the fertile crecent area, in particular Syria, due to poor irrigation practices and overuse of water. As a result of this Syria is having a hard time feeding its people and need to import grains and rely on aid agencies. The lack of water also has caused people in rural areas to migrate, becoming true water refugees.

- Our Oceans: A Plastic Soup

This article talks about the plastic found in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; it provides numbers, places, pictures and very interesting data about the impact of human footprint.

- Bad books: US paper products are breaking the law and devastating rainforests

This article talks about publishing companies using paper linked to forest devastation in Indonesian. Popular children books are listed as the ones using unsustainable paper.

Online Resources

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