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SCN 494- Sustainability Science for Teachers

This "sustainability for teachers" guide provides over 50 short videos and resources covering the main issues related to sustainability. These issues are: population, human needs, natural resources, water,recycling, equity, and much more. Enjoy it!


Concepts from the Readings

  • Stabilizing population
  • Reducing consumption
  • Water conservation
  • Hunger alleviation
  • Food and water productivity
  • Using alternative sources of energy
  • Avoiding pollution of air and oceans
  • Improving global health conditions
  • Providing good education to everyone
  • Achieving UN millenium goals

Main Readings

- “It’s all connected” Book:  population, pages 28 – 30; food & water, pages 38-40; energy, pages 43-46; atmosphere, page 57; ocean, pages 60-61; health, pages 83-84; education, 85-87; sustainability, pages 123-126 and 129-131

This unit covers the personal and structural solutions for the major sustainability problems affecting humanity.

Additional Readings

- Footprint basics - Introduction 

This series of short articles introduce to the concepts related to human footprint

- Living Planet Report 2010

This report from wwf presents information about the state of planet earth's resources. The report provides lots of written and graphical information.

- What the Ozone Hole Can Teach Us About Stopping Climate Change

This brief article show images of the ozone hole from 1979 until 2010 and explains how this change in the ozone hole is a success story.

- Corporations, conservation, and the green movement

This very thoughtful article and TED talk talks about the role of coorporation, consumers and green groups in finding solutions to the problems the human race created.

- Green Lessons From Super Bowl XLV

This article talks about all the efforts made by the National Football League to practice and promote "environmental friendliness" during the Super Bowl

- California Farm Water Success Stories

The Pacific Institute’s new report and video, California Farm Water Success Stories, analyzes successful examples of sustainable water policies and practices to demonstrate how innovative growers and irrigation districts are already beginning to move California toward more equitable and efficient water management and use.

- Plastic Bottles, Compost Toilets and Rainwater Catchment: Simple Solutions for Haiti’s Clean Water Crisis

This article provides several solutions to the health and water crisis in Haiti

Online Resources

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