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SCN 494- Sustainability Science for Teachers

This "sustainability for teachers" guide provides over 50 short videos and resources covering the main issues related to sustainability. These issues are: population, human needs, natural resources, water,recycling, equity, and much more. Enjoy it!


Concepts from the readings

  • The scientific world view
  • Scientific inquiry
  • How science works
  • Why science matter
  • The process of science
  • Collecting evidence
  • Sustainability science
  • GMO
  • Organic food production
  • Farming technology
  • Water desalination
  • Water filtration process

Main Readings

- Science for All Americans: Chapter 1

This chapter lays out recommendations for what knowledge of the way science works is requisite for scientific literacy. The chapter focuses on three principal subjects: the scientific world view, scientific methods of inquiry, and the nature of the scientific enterprise.

- Understanding Science

A web site with numerous short articles about the nature of science written for K-12 students and teachers.  Also linked through a search engine to a large number of accredited resources on various science subjects written for lay audiences.

- How do we know what we know

Science is an active process of observation and investigation. How Do We Know What We Know? In this case study in human origins, we explore how scientific evidence is being used to shape our current understanding of ourselves: What makes us human—and how did we get this way?

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