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HST 300 - The Twenties: Citing Sources

LibGuide with resources for Dr. Gullett's course on the 1920s

Citing Sources

Citation Styles. This is an excellent page with information and links to many of the most popular citation style formats

For an automated service to help format your citations, try:
Son of Citation Machine from the Landmark Project. It is very easy to use and accurate.

This is a very comprehensive web page from Duke University Libraries entitled: Assembling a List of Works Cited in Your Paper. This is particularly useful because it includes examples for both the major formats of citable materials and the respective style manual citations

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Setting Up and Using RefWorks

About RefWorks
RefWorks is a user-friendly database system that allows you to create and manage your citations via the Web. It is now site-licensed for Arizona State University students, faculty, staff and affiliates. With RefWorks, you're able to create, search and maintain your own personal citations database. These citations can then be easily inserted in papers or publications, and are automatically added to bibliographies in multiple citation styles. More information about RefWorks

Accessing RefWorks
Use of RefWorks requires users to sign up for an individual account at their Website. Keep your Refworks UserID and password handy, and always authenticate from off-campus by entering through the ASU authentication page. First-time users must subscribe for an individual account from this page before accessing your citation management software. Keep your UserID and password safe! ASU does not have access to the RefWorks system to reset passwords. If you lose your password, follow the reset link on the authentication page.

Create your own RefWorks account now.

Exporting Citations From a Database
For instructions on how to export citations from a specific database into RefWorks consult "Importing Citations into Refworks" and select the appropriate database.

Creating Your Citations Database
Once logged into RefWorks, there are a number of ways to enter your citations:

  • manually via the RefWorks References menu
  • automatically via most ASU Library online resources: follow the RefWorks online help for each of the direct-import vendor resources supported. The list of currently supported databases and import instructions for each vendor resource is available from the RefWorks site Help Index (Building Your Database, Importing from a Text File, Exporting from a Data Service).
  • ASU Library online catalog entries can be searched and added to your citations database directly from the RefWorks Search menu.
  • imported from other citation software formats via the Help Index (Building Your Database, Converting from Other Bibliographic Management Programs)

Creating a Bibliography
You can create and format a bibliography from a list of references using a folder of references or all your references. Select the Bibliography button to begin. There are many different citation sytles listed within RefWorks to select from. After selecting the citation style (e.g. Chichago Style etc.) choose the end format for your file (e.g. Word, HTML, Rich Text Format). Click Create Bibliogrpahy. Your bibliography will appear in a new window which you can save to your computer. The resulting bibliogrpahy can be copied and pasted into your paper.

Academic Integrity

What is Plagiarism?
According to the Council of Writing Program Administrators: "In an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately users someone else's language, ideas, or other original (no common-knowledge) material without acknowledging its source." 

ASU Policy
Link to ASU's policy on academic integrity and plagiarism.

Avoiding Plagiarism (Requires Flash) provided by Rutgers Uinversity Libraries

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