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HST 300 - The Twenties: Internet Sources

LibGuide with resources for Dr. Gullett's course on the 1920s

Primary Sources Available on the Internet


1.       ACLS Humanities Ebook

The ACLS Humanities EBook is a collaboration of eight learned societies, nearly 75 contributing publishers, and librarians at the University of Michigan’s Scholarly Publishing Office. The result is an online, fully searchable collection of high-quality books in history, recommended and reviewed by historians. 


United States

General Resources

1.       100 Milestone Documents
The following is a list of 100 milestone documents, compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration, and drawn primarily from its nationwide holdings. The documents chronicle United States history from 1776 to 1965.

2.       AMDOCS Documents for the Study of American History
One of several sites listed here that provides full text of documents from the 15th Century on, arranged in chronological order.

3.       American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library.
A rapidly growing collection of documents, photographs, sound recordings, motion pictures and maps. Some of the collections now available are: Pioneering Women; African American Perspectives; California Gold; Civil War Photographs; America in the Great Depression; and many others in the Library of Congress.

4.       Avalon Project at the Yale Law School (3,000 BCE+)
Selected digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government.

5.       Chronology of US Historical Documents
This site from the University of Oklahoma College of Law provides U. S. Historical documents from the Magna Carta to the present.

6.       Civil Rights Documentation Project

A Mississippi site which includes transcripts of oral history interviews, a civil rights timeline, and bibliography

7.       Core Documents of U.S. Democracy

"To provide American citizens direct online access to the basic Federal Government documents that define our democratic society, a core group of current and historical Government publications is being made available for free, permanent, public access via the GPO Access service" The preceding quote from the Core Documents web page clearly delineates that this is an admirable attempt by the U.S. government to make available those documents and records it considers integral to an understanding of democracy in the United States. A comprehensive and important site.

8.       Digital History

This site includes: a U.S. history e-textbook; over 400 annotated documents, primary sources on slavery, Mexican American and Native American history, and U.S. political, social, and legal history; short essays on the history of film, ethnicity, private life, and technology; multimedia exhibitions, an audio archive including speeches and book talks by historians, and a visual archive with hundreds of historical maps and images. The site's Ask the HyperHistorian feature allows users to pose questions to professional historians.

9.       Documenting the American South
A collection of sources on Southern history, literature and culture from the colonial period through the first decades of the 20th century. Provides access to digitized primary materials that offer Southern perspectives on American history and culture.

10.   Foreign Relations of the United States
This State Department web site is a permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001. See www.state.gov for material released since President George W. Bush took office on that date. Online volumes available cover the Truman through Johnson administrations(1945 - 1968).

11.   The Historical Text Archive
The oldest and one of the most important meta-history archives.

12.   History Matters: Many Pasts:

"Contains almost 1,000 primary documents in text, image, and audio about the experiences of ordinary Americans throughout U.S. history. All of the documents have been screened by professional historians and are accompanied by annotations that address their larger historical significance and context. Arranged by time period, starting with the earliest documents."

13.   Hypertext on American History from the colonial period until Modern Times - Documents
A collection of documents from the Magna Carta to George W. Bush's inaugural address (2001) relating to the history of the United States

14.   Internet Modern History Sourcebook (1300s+)

Provides links to the full text of primary sources in modern history.  

15.   Making of America (Cornell University); Making of America (University of Michigan) (1800-1925 )

Full text of primary sources in American social history from the antebellum period through reconstruction. Particularly strong in the subject areas of education, psychology, American history, sociology, religion, and science and technology. This is actually two separate sites with separate resources -- one site is sponsored by The University of Michigan and the other by Cornell University.

16.   National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
The National Archives web site includes descriptions of NARA facilities; copies of publications such as finding aids; and some Federal records regulations. The agency is working to improve access to the contents of the archives and this site should become increasingly valuable.

17.   Perry-Casteneda Library Map Collection: Historical Maps of the United States.

The categories used by the University of Texas map library are early inhabitants, exploration and settlement, U.S. territorial growth, later historical periods, military history, historical maps of Texas and U.S. cities, and national historic sites. There is a link to other map sites.

18.   Repositories of Primary Sources
A listing of over 2700 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources. Coverage is worldwide.

19.   TeachingAmericanHistory.org: Document Library

A list of letters, speeches, documents, web sites, books, and articles on significant people and events in American political thought and history. Rather than being a comprehensive list of available resources, it is meant to be a list of the best resources available on the given subject. Covers the Colonial period to the Modern era (up to selected addresses of George W. Bush.)

21.   Yahoo/U. S. History
         Yahoo is my search engine of choice when I begin an Internet Search. Its History sections are   
          excellent. Because of its subject and hierarchical structure, it is the closest to a Library of
          the Internet.


African Americans

1.       African American History - About.com - Primary Text Index

Writings and documents by and about African-Americans

  1. African American History (Historical Text Archive)
    A variety of sources are listed here, including: texts of important books and documents; biographical sketches of historical figures; bibliographies; mailing lists; bulletin boards; and many links to other internet sources.
  2. African-American Women: Online Archival Collections
    A select collection of primary source materials from the Special Collections Department at Duke University.

4.       Black Studies Center (Access through ASU Library)  (1827+)

Black Studies Center combines several invaluable resources for research and teaching in Black Studies: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, International Index of Black Periodicals (IIBP), and The Chicago Defender, ProQuest Dissertations for Black Studies (1970-2004), and Black Literature Index (1827-1940). Resources are fully cross-searchable and include scholarly essays, recent periodicals, historical newspaper articles, and supporting materials.

5.       Universal Black Pages
Created originally through the efforts of members of the Black Graduate Students' Association at Georgia Tech Univeristy, this is a comprehensive collection of pointers to subjects related to the "African Diaspora."

Native Americans

1.       Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

2.       Indian Affairs Laws and Treaties

3.       Internet Sacred Text Archive - Native Americans:

"This site is a freely available archive of electronic texts about religion, mythology, legends and folklore, and occult and esoteric topics. Texts are presented in English translation and, in some cases, in the original language."

4.       Native American Documents Project
Texts of documents about the history of federal policy concerning native peoples. Primarily 19th century documents

5.       Native American Voices - Digital History

6.       Relations between the United States and Native Americans: The Avalon Project
This link is to one of the major collections on The Avalon Project. Among other documents it includes a complete list of treatie



1.       American Women's History: A Research Guide

American Women's History provides citations to print and Internet reference sources, as well as to selected large primary source collections. The guide also provides information about the tools researchers can use to find additional books, articles, dissertations, and primary sources.

2.       Five Colleges Archives Digital Access Project

This website provides access to digitized versions of archival records and manuscript collections relating primarily to women's history -- particularly women's education at the Five Colleges.

3.       National Women's History Project

The National Women’s History Project Learning Place is designed to provide you with information and educational materials about multicultural women’s history.

4.       WestWeb: Making it on Their Own

This section (use link on right hand index frame) of WestWeb provides information about Women in the West.

5.       Women and Social Movements in the United States: 1600 - 2000 (Access through ASU Library)

This database contains: 52 document projects that interpret and present documents, altogether these document projects provide more than 1,250 documents, 450 images, and 500 links to other websites. 19,000 pages of documents pertaining to Women and Social Movements. These materials have been selected by the Editors for their relevance to the focus of the website.

6.       Women Working, 1800 - 1930

One of Harvard's Open Collections Program, this site focuses on women's role in the United States economy and provides access to digitized historical, manuscript, and image resources selected from Harvard University's library and museum collections. The collection features approximately 500,000 digitized pages and images including: 7,500 pages of manuscripts; 3,500 books and pamphlets; and 1,200 photographs.

7.       Yahoo - U. S. History - Women's History

As one can now tell, this subject guide is inclined to begin any Internet search on the appropriate Yahoo subject page.


Military History

1.       Veteran's History Project

The Veterans History Project relies on volunteers to collect and preserve stories of wartime service. Our primary focus is on first-hand accounts of U.S. Veterans from the following wars: World War I (1914-1920); World War II (1939-1946); Korean War (1950-1955); Vietnam War (1961-1975); Persian Gulf War (1990-1995); andAfghanistan and Iraq conflicts (2001-present). n addition, those U.S. citizen civilians who were actively involved in supporting war efforts (such as war industry workers, USO workers, flight instructors, medical volunteers, etc.) are also invited to share their valuable stories.


Western Europe

1.       Eurodocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
This site (Harold Lee Library, Brigham Young University) has pointers to documents and full text works for Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Europe as a region, and over twenty countries.The time frame is Medieval to the present. The section for Germany includes a broad range of documents, from the 95 theses of Martin Luther to the 1990 treaty on German unification and some contemporary reports on racism.

2.       Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Presents a diversity of texts available on the Internet in the area of modern European history and modern Western Civilization. Designed to serve the interests of teachers and students in college survey courses in subjects such as: the Reformation; Ancien Regime; Industrial Revolution; American and French Revolutions; Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment; The World Since 1945.



1.       Internet Modern History Sourcebook
This site forms one of the three "parent" sourcebooks of the Internet History Sourcebooks which are collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts compiled under the direction of Paul Halsall of Fordham University. One of the many sub-sourcebooks of this site deals specifically with the Russian Revolution.

2.       Soviet History/Marxist History/Marxist Internet Archive
This excellent web page of the larger site “Marxist History” includes links to information concerning the Soviet state and Russian Revolution as well as to the full text archive of significant Marxist writers.


Latin America

 1.    Latin American Newspapers - World News Archive:

The first phase of the World Newspaper Archive features more than 35 historical Latin American newspapers. Titles from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and elsewhere offer unprecedented coverage of the people, issues, and events that shaped this vital region between 1805 and 1922.



1.       African Newspapers - World Newspaper Archive 

Part of the World Newspaper Archive, more than 40 newspapers published between 1800 and 1922 in Sub-Saharan Africa offer an unrivaled viewpoint into a time of drastic change. A wide range of colonial era viewpoints is chronicled in titles from Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other locales.

  1. Internet African History Sourcebook  

Africa is both the most clearly defined of continents - in its geography -   and the hardest to pin down in historical terms. On this site historical sources on the history of human societies in

Hours and Locations