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HST 300 - The Twenties: HST 300 - 1920's - Library Exercise

LibGuide with resources for Dr. Gullett's course on the 1920s

HST 300 Library Exercise

HST 300 Gullett

The Twenties


Library Exercise 1




My name is Edward Oetting (https://libguides.asu.edu/history) and I am the History Librarian and Bibliographer and will be available to you throughout the course to answer any questions you have regarding the ASU Library and its many resources for History students and historians.  After you have had a chance to look at the History Subject guide( see URL above) , please answer the following questions.


1.                    a.    What is Ed Oetting’s email address?

 b.  What subjects is he responsible for ( list all six subject areas)?

 c.    What is the name of the History Librarian located at Fletcher Library on the ASU West campus? 


In this exercise, the focus will be on contemporary and retrospective articles and reviews that can be found in many of the resources found in my History subject Guide(  https://libguides.asu.edu/history). Also you will be asked to explore some of the ways each database or electronic resource performs its searches.  All of the questions below can be answered from the appropriate search page for each database. Each database can be found in the By Name of Resource list ( alphabetical) found by clicking on Research Databases on the Library home page.  I have put some hints and prompts in italics for each question.



2.                     Using the advanced search function in JSTOR, how many articles do you find when you do a   search using the word IWW and limiting your search to the item title field( found on pull-down menu to the right of the search field) and  click on the field: Include only content I can access and finally select all History journals covering the years 1920 to 2000?     Who is the author of the Article:  The IWW and the Red Scare 1917-24”  



3.                   Using  America: History and Life, search with the keyword  IWW ,   limit your search to peer reviewed. ( found on the left side of the screen);   and then further limit your search using the subject term labor ( found on the left side of the screen)    What is the title of the article written by Caulfield  and  in what journal can it be found? 



4.                   In Readers Guide Retrospective, do a keyword search in title using communist as your keyword and further limit your search to articles published between 1920 and 1930. What is the citation for the article titled  Communist policy and the Chinese nationalist revolution   ( for this exercise, the citation =:  author, title, journal name, volume number and date )  Is the article/journal available electronically from ASU Library?   


5.                   In the database, Proquest Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Times, search using the terms I.W.W. and witness and further limit your search the specific date range: Start: 1/1/1920 – End:12/31/1925.  What is the date of publication for the article titled: “WITNESS TELLS OF TALK WITH I.W.W” From the article what is the name of the ex-Governor and for what what state was he Governor ”? 

Subject Guide

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