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HST 300 - The Twenties: US History

LibGuide with resources for Dr. Gullett's course on the 1920s

US History Sources

US History - Print Resources


  The term "bibliographical guide" refers to a bibliography which surveys an entire field by identifying the most important reference works, including other bibliographies. It serves to open up the literature for the beginning student and points the way to further research. 

  1. American Historical Association's Guide to Historical  Literature. New York: Oxford  University Press, 1995. 3rd ed. 
    D 20. A55x 1995 HAYDEN REF
    Lists, with brief notes, the most important monographs and articles in every field of history. U.S. history is in  volume 2, sections 39-44. 
  2. Fritze, Ronald. Reference Sources in History : An Introductory Guide. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO,   1990. 
    D 20 .F75x 1990 HAYDEN REF
    Covers much the same ground as Prucha (below) but includes foreign countries as well as the United States. 
  3. Harvard Guide to American History. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1974. 
    E 156 .F77x HAYDEN RESV
    An indispensable guide for students in this field. Vol. 1 includes sections on research methods and materials, bibliographies, biographies and personal records, and histories of special subjects. There are essays on history as a literary art, writing for publication and book reviewing. Vol. 2 is arranged chronologically. 
  4. Prucha, Francis. Handbook for Research in American History: A Guide to Bibliographies and Other Reference Works. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1987. 
    An excellent source of information on the availability of library catalogs, bibliographies of special topics, periodical and newspaper indexes, oral history, biography, national archives, government publications, databases, and much more. Essential for all graduate students. 


Bibliographies identify research that has been done on various subjects; they often cite primary materials that are available in manuscript or printed form. Graduate students must consult these works in order to avoid missing significant materials that may not be in this library. Undergraduates will also discover that using these tools will help them make better use of this collection, because bibliographies often bring together, in one list, material that may be scattered throughout the library, in books, articles, or government documents. 

  1. Bibliographic Index: A Cumulative Bibliography of Bibliographies. New York: Wilson, 1937-.
    Z 1002 .B595 HAYDEN REF
    (located on Table 1A)
    A subject list of bibliographies published separately or appearing as parts of books and periodicals. 
  2. Bibliographies in History. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1988. 
    E 178 .B53x 1988 vol. 1 HAYDEN REF

    An index to bibliographies in history journals and dissertations covering the United States and Canada. 
  3. Henige, David. Serial Bibliographies and Abstracts in History: An Annotated Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1986. 
    D 20 .H497x HAYDEN REF

    A bibliography of almost 900 abstract journals and serial bibliographies (i.e., those published at regular intervals), including bibliographical surveys published in journals. Use to locate specialized bibliographies on any subject. 
  4. Merriam, Louise A.. United States History: A Bibliography of the New Writings on American History.  Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1995
    E 178 .M59x 1995 HAYDEN REF

    Arranged in broad chronological sections with subject specific categories, this bibliographycovers history scholarship in the 1980's and early 1990's. 
  5. Writings on American History. Washington: American Historical Association, 1902- 1990. 
    E 171 .W69X HAYDEN REF

    The most complete bibliography for the period 1902-1961, with both author and subject indexes. From 1962 on, the citations are for articles only and are arranged chronologically, geographically and by broad subject categories, with no subject indexes. 


  1. Fyfe, Janet. History Journals and Serials: An Analytical Guide. New York: Greenwood, 1986.
    PN5124 .P4 F94x 1986 HAYDEN REF

    Indicates where a periodical is indexed. 
  2. Historical Periodicals Directory. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1981-1986.
    D20 .H53x HAYDEN REF

    Lists periodicals published worldwide.  



  1. Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in History 1838-1974. 11 vols. Washington: Carrollton, 1977-78. 
    (located in Case 4A) 
    Indexes all articles from the earliest volumes through 1974 for 243 English language periodicals covering all periods and all areas in the field of history. Arranged by subject and author. U.S. History is in vols. 5-9. 


               International Index. New York: Wilson, 1907-65. 
                  Al 3 .R49 HAYDEN REF
(located in Case 4A)  
            Predecessor of the Social Sciences & Humanities Index (Entry 22). 



  1. Garaty, John A., ed.  American National Biography New York : Oxford University Press, 1999. 
    CT213 .A68 1999 v. 1 - 24 HAYDEN REF

    This is the successor to the DAB.   Provides the most up to date  biograpical information. 
  2. Biography Index: A Cumulative Index to Biographical Material in Books and Magazines. New York: Wilson, 1949-. 
    (located on Biography Table) 
    A valuable index to biographical material. Includes an index by profession. 
  3. The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography.
     New York : J.T. White, 1898-1984. 
     E176 .N28   HAYDEN REFERENCE 
     Vol. 53-v. N-63 have title: National cyclopedia of American biography. 
     Also called Permanent series because from v. 19 (1926) on it contains 
     biographies of only deceased persons. 
  4. Dictionary of American Biography (DAB). New York: Scribners Sons, 1928-80. 
    E 176 .D56 HAYDEN REF

    The DAB is the standard source for scholarly biographies of people who made a significant contribution to American life. The bibliographies at the end of the articles are particularly useful as guides to further research. The latest supplement(Ten) includes Americans who died during the period 1976-1980.  The comprehensive index to the DAB ithrough Supplement 10 is Index 4: 
    E176 .D563 Index 4 HAYDEN REF


uehl, Warren. Dissertations in History: An Index to Dissertations Completed in History Departments of United States and Canadian Universities, 1873-1960. Supplements, 1961-1980. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1965-1985. 

Indexes dissertations on all areas of history. 


  1. National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections. Washington: Library of Congress, 1962-. 
    Z 881.A1 U376 HAYDEN REF

    An index to manuscript collections on any subject located in American repositories.

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