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Herberger Young Scholars Academy

Resources for students and teachers in the Herberger Young Scholars Academy

About This Page

This section is designed to assist students in completing assignments with links to handouts, databases and other resources intended to support specific assignments.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An Annotated Bibliography is a list of all the sources you are going to use to write your paper. "Annotations" are short paragraphs that describe and evaluate each one of those sources. 

Writing an Annotated Biblography is an excellent resource to understand exactly what an annotated bibliography is, select appropriate resources and suggests useful language for the annotations.

In order to evaluate and describe your sources, you need to know the difference between various types of sources. Both of the tutorials below will guide you in selecting the best sources for your annotated bibliography.

Helpful Handouts

These useful one-page handouts describe the difference between popular, news, trade and scholarly articles and the guidelines for creating an annotated bibliography.

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