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Dance Resources: Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections at ASU

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Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections at ASU

Recognized as an "American Treasure" in 2000 by the White House Millenium Project, the CCDR Collections at ASU continues to grow in depth and diversity, providing research materials for the interdisciplinary study of dance culture and the function of dance in human societies.  In addition to archival collections of scholars, the CCDR Collections contain over 15,000 monographs, as well as journals, photos, films, video and audio recordings, dolls, textiles, cultural artifacts, musical instruments, masks, costumes, puppets, and more.

Scholar Collections

Gertrude Kurath     Eleanor King     Allegra Fuller Snyder     Joann Keali`inohomoku    Elsie Dunin 

CCDR Collections also include research materials related to the dance work of Daniel Nagrin, Isa Bergson, and Barabara Mettler, and the ethnomusicology collections of Daniel Crowley, Richard Haefer, and Robert MacGimsey.

To schedule your visit to this unique American treasure or for specific research queries, contact Dr. Adair Landborn, Curator, 480-727-0532 or email her at Adair.Landborn@asu.edu 



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