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TEL 504 Learning & Instruction - Hoffner: TEL 504 Learning & Instruction - Hoffner

Literature Review

Goal: Conduct a review of scholarly literature for an important classroom issue, e.g., motivation.  Select 3 studies related to your specific area of focus (expressed in Part 1: Initial Reflection) to review.

Background: A literature review aims to uncover the scholarly perspective. Theory and data in literature may support and/or conflict with the researcher’s personal perspective.

Present a summary of each of 3 studies of your choice related to student motivation (engagement/disengagement):


What is the design of each study?

What does each study claim and what evidence supports the claim?

 For each of the 3 studies, include a preliminary conclusion about factors  that may influence student engagement/disengagement based on your literature review.

Explain how the literature connects to your beliefs about the issue. Relate to your area of focus.

Format for Literature Review:
Present your literature review (3 research studies) in a paper of roughly 1½ to 2 pages for each study, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, approximately 4-6 pages total. (30 points).

Database Searching Using Subjects

Databases can be searched using keywords which searches anywhere/everywhere in the database vs. searching using defined subjects that search only in the subject field of database records. For detailed database searching assistance consult ProQuest's Library Guide on ERIC

Listed below are subjects for Student Motivation . As you will notice ERIC uses this as an official subject while the other databases do not.

Student Motivation
Learning Motivation
Self Motivation

Educaton Full-Text
Motivation in Education
Learning Readiness
Student Engagement



Search these education databases to identify & locate peer-reviewed articles in the field of education and related fields.  Additional relevant databases can be found on the Education Library Guide under the tab "Article Databases".

ERIC (via Proquest)
(1966+) Premier U.S. database of education literature. Sponsored by the US Department of Education. Includes journal (EJ) and ERIC Document (ED) citations with abstracts; full text of ERIC Documents from 1993 to present.

Education Full Text
(6/1983+) Covers education topics such as critical thinking, teaching methods, curriculum, comparative education, literacy standards, multicultural education, psychology, special education, counseling, teacher/parent relations, vocational education, etc.

Sage Premier
Includes the full text of peer-reviewed journals, including education journals, published by SAGE and participating societies.

PsycINFO  (via Proquest)
(1887+ ) A comprehensive index of psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. Indexes more than 2,150 journals (98% are peer-reviewed) as well as relevant books and dissertations.

Guides to Searching & Evaluating Information

Use these documents to help in thinking through and organizing a stategy for searching your topic in a database.

Education Librarians

Alexandra Humphreys

Tempe campus:
Linda DeFato

West campus:
Bee Gallegos

Tutorials & Search Tips

ERIC is the primary database in education. ASU Library provides access to ERIC using the ProQuest platform. The Library Guide below provides assistance in searching the ERIC database.  If you need guidance check it out or consult your Education Librarian.

ProQuest ERIC Tutorial

ASU Library Tutorials.


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