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DNP 703: Innovation in Communication – Scholarly and Professional Writing: Pre-Library Session Assignment


Hi!  I'm Janice, one of your Health Science Librarian at the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus Library.  

This assignment should take you 20 minutes or less.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get to know your ASU Library

Step 2: ASU Library doesn't have it?  We can get it for you!

Step 3: Set up your ILLIAD Account to use the Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery service

Step 4: Set up your Refworks Account


Comments and Suggestions 

Let me know if you have any kind of technical issues or other problems with materials on this page.  My contact info is on the right.

Step 1: Get to know your ASU Library

ASU Library is here to support you in your research and studying success!

Watch this 1 minute 'Library Minute' video for an overview of ASU Library resources, services, and locations:



Look for:

  1. How many library locations are available?
  2. How can you get to the online library at ASU?
  3. Can you request materials to come to any location?
  4. What are 'Library Guides?'
  5. What service can connect you to research assistance?


Step 2: ASU Library doesn't have it? We can get it for you! (For free!)

Join Anali for a 'Library Minute' on the ASU Library Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery service



Look for:

  1. How quickly will you usually receive a scanned PDF of an article that you request via Interlibrary Loan?

Step 3: Set up your Illiad Account to use the Interlibrary Loan / Document Delivery service

1. Start at the ASU Library home page, lib.asu.edu

2. Click on 'My Accounts' on the black information bar across the page and select 'My Interlibrary Loan (Illiad) Account.'



3. Sign in using your ASURITE ID and Password. 

4. Follow the steps to create your ILLIAD Account profile.

5. Request items as needed.


Set Up Your RefWorks Account

from the ASU Library home page: (https://lib.asu.edu)

1. Under 'My Accounts,' click on 'My RefWorks Account'


2. Sign in to access the ASU RefWorks home page with your ASURITE ID and Password


3. On the ASU RefWorks home page, click on 'Sign Up for a New Account.'


4. Fill out the information in Step 1 and Step 2, then click the button 'Create Account.'


5. Next you will see your RefWorks Account page - this is what you will see every time when you log in with the RefWorks account name and password that you created.

At first it's empty, but once you start adding references, the default view will show all references in your account.

To start adding references, click on the Adding References tab on this guide.

Your Librarian

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Janice Hermer
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