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HSC 420: Evaluation of Health Sciences Research: Grey Literature Sources (Unpublished)

Investigates methods of inquiry in health sciences and techniques for critiquing and interpreting research within the context of evidence-based practice.

What is Grey Literature?

Simply put, Grey Literature consists of materials that are unpublished or have been published outside of the typical commercial publishing environment.  Grey literature can consist of reports, articles, presentations, theses, conference proceedings, government documents, and much more.

Grey Literature can be diffcult to locate because it is usually only be found outside of the standard commercial research databases.

If you are conducting an in-depth literature review or systematic review on a particular topic it is important to search for grey literature in addition to studies and articles found in PubMed or CINAHL to ensure that you haven't missed anything important or useful.

Learn more about Grey Literature:

New York Academy of Medicine Grey Literature Report - "The report is a bimonthly publication of The New York Academy of Medicine (NYAM) alerting readers to new grey literature publications in health services research and selected public health topics."

Grey Literature Network Service - was founded in 1992. The goal of GreyNet is to facilitate dialog, research, and communication between persons and organisations in the field of grey literature. GreyNet further seeks to identify and distribute information on and about grey literature in networked environments. Its main activities include the International Conference Series on Grey Literature, the creation and maintenance of web-based resources, a moderated Listserv, a combined Distribution List, The Grey Journal (TGJ), as well as curriculum development in the field of grey literature.

Finding Unpublished (Grey) Nursing Literature

Here are some resources to assist you in finding grey (unpublished) literature in nursing and learn more about the topic.

Proquest Dissertations & Abstracts - "Indexes dissertations accepted for doctoral degrees by accredited North American educational institutions and over 200 other institutions. Also contains citations and abstracts to masters' theses. Covers approximately 3,000 subject areas."

Mednar -  A free, publicly available deep web search engine that uses advanced federated search technology to return high quality results by submitting your search query – in real-time – to other well respected search engines. Mednar then collates, ranks and drops duplicates of the results.

Health Sciences Online (HSO) -  "Search and browse any health sciences topic from over 50,000 courses, references, guidelines, and other learning resources. Materials are selected from accredited educational sources including universities, governments, and professional societies."

OpenDOAR - Allows you to search across multiple institutional repositories as well as locate specific institutional repositories that might house materials related to your area of interest.

Virginia Henderson Global Nursing e-Repository - "It is a global digital service that collects, preserves and shares nursing research and evidence-based practice materials."

In the Sciences:

World Wide Science.org - is a global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals. 

Vadlo - grey literature PowerPoint database, Biomedical and Life Sciences Search Engine. Search under unpublished nursing literature.

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