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NTR 450: Nutrition in the Life Cycle I: Citing Sources

Emphasizes nutritional needs and problems during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, and childhood.

AMA (American Medical Association) Style

APA Tutorial

APA Style Guide HELP

Best of the APA Style Blog: Fall 2010

ASU Writing Center - APA Formatting Tips


Basics of APA Style tutorial produced by the American Psychological Association. 

The 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (released in June 2009).

In particular, see these slides in the Basics of APA Style tutorial:

Slides 1 and 2                   Introduction to APA Style  

Slide 3 - 6                         Formatting a paper

Slide 7 and 8                     Headings  

Slides 13-16                      Citing references in text        

  • *Slide 15: Table with how to cite in-text if: 1, 2, 3, other #'s of authors; how to cite for first in-text citation, how to cite for further in-text citations

Slides 17-25                      Reference List       

Slide 26                            Additional Resources                    

APA Style

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