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RefWorks : Other Databases

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Other Databases

Don't see your database listed on the Adding References page?

Check out the full list of importing from databases maintained by RefWorks.


1. From the Left-Side Menu at the RefWorks page linked above:

a. Select Getting References Into Your Account

b. Select Importing From Online Data Vendors

full list of adding references to RefWorks from many databases


2. Click on the Company/Publisher of the Database you're using 


    1. SPIE - Company; SPIE - Database
    2. Wiley Online Library - Company; Cochrane Library - Database 

RefWorks list of database providers


3. Follow the Step by Step Instructions listed to Add (Import) References to your RefWorks Account

Example screen shots of instructions below for:

    1. SPIE
    2. Wiley Online Library (Cochrane Library)

RefWorks instructions to add references from SPIE

RefWorks instructions to add references from Wiley Online Library - company for Cochrane Library


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