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PPE 310 Health Literacy: Creating Healthy and Active Schools: Home

Getting Started

Explore the resources on this guide tailored to your course assignments and research needs. The "Home" tab identifies general resources useful for both the signature assignment and the healthy activity and event plan assignment.  Specific high quality resources that will help you complete your assignments are listed under the named assignment tab.

If you need help with doing research contact one of the Education Librarians listed on the right side of this guide.  The Ask a Librarian service is also available.

Get help online from a reference librarian via email or live chat.



P = Population (participants, problem, process, point of view, primary event)


I =  Intervention (therapy, treatment, causes or etiology, improvement, interpretation, impact)


C = Comparison (Opposing arguments)


O = Outcome (measurement)

Citing Sources

Use APA Style to cite the sources used in each assignment.Below you will find resources that will help you with APA style, including formatting bibliographies.

APA style guide compiled by ASU librarians available on the Citation Styles Library Guide
Tutorial created by ASU Library
From the University of Wisconsin's Writing Center
From the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University
ASU Library Catalog locations of the official APA publication manual



The Role of the 5 Ws

Who, What, When, Where, Why (and How)


Background reading allows the researcher to fill in most of the basic questions: Who, What, When and Where

That leaves Why and How

Researchers in most fields are looking for one of two things:

  • A cause for a problem (Why) or
  • a solution to a problem (How).

The Why or the How then becomes the I element of the PICO formula.

The P element of the PICO formula is typically the Who or the What

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