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PPE 310 Health Literacy: Creating Healthy and Active Schools: Search Guidance

Finding ERIC

The Search Guidance section is intended to assist you in accessing ERIC and learning the basics of searching ERIC.  The focus of this Guidance section is on ERIC since it is the premier education database in the world but other databases such as Education Full-Text can also be searched. For an list of suggested databases refer the Signature Assignment tab.

There are multiple paths to the ERIC database which you need to search to locate peer-reviewed journal articles for your Signature Assignment.  You can access ERIC via MyASU, the ASU Library homepage or going directly to the Library Guides Course page created specifically for PPE 310.

For those students who prefer to interact with the system including the ERIC database, the Guide on the Side tutorial for ERIC walks you through the process using the library website and trying several searches in ERIC.. 

If you do not have the time or prefer learning with visual images we also offer you that option with screen shots of different and important screens in ERIC. These can be printed and kept nearby as reminders while you search.

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