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Assignment: Literature Review

Goal: Conduct a review of scholarly literature for an important classroom issue, e.g., motivation.  Select 3 studies related to your specific area of focus (expressed in Part 1: Initial Reflection) to review.

Background: A literature review aims to uncover the scholarly perspective. Theory and data in literature may support and/or conflict with the researcher’s personal perspective.

Present a summary of each of 3 studies of your choice related to student motivation (engagement/disengagement):


What is the design of each study?

What does each study claim and what evidence supports the claim?

 For each of the 3 studies, include a preliminary conclusion about factors  that may influence student engagement/disengagement based on your literature review.

Explain how the literature connects to your beliefs about the issue. Relate to your area of focus.

Format for Literature Review:
Present your literature review (3 research studies) in a paper of roughly 1½ to 2 pages for each study, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, approximately 4-6 pages total. (30 points).

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