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Countries and Cultures

Finding library and web resources to research a topic in another country

Tips for Answering "Why" (PURPOSE)

Now that you know WHO is behind the website, let's try to find the purpose -- or WHY -- of it. 

In each of the boxes to the right, we have listed an important question to ask yourself.  Then, try the strategies for finding out "Why?" quickly and easily!

Who owns this site?

  • Confirm the source! Purpose is often driven by the organization or person putting up the site.

Are there lots of ads?

  • Look for advertisements and pop-ups. Excessive advertising can be associated with sites with one purpose – making money!

What's the Mission?

  • Click on links within the site (About, About Us, Our Vision, Mission, Home) to find out the purpose of the site. Why did the author build this website? Is it to sell you something? Promote their opinion?

Are these facts...or opinions?

  • Think about the “tone” of the page. Tones that sound humorous, exaggerated, or outrageous often indicate sites meant to amuse.

  • Compare the amount of opinions versus factual information. Sites with a lot of opinions frequently are trying to persuade.

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