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EDP 313-Childhood and Adolescence

Searching Education Full-Text

Education Full-Text also has a Thesaurus but it is not as useful as ERIC. Each database has it's own separate list of subjects. You can also search by keywords. The search below uses thesaurus subjects to describe 'middle school'  but there was not a suitable subject for phsyical development so the search uses only the word development.

Notice the limits under Search Options.  They are similar to those in ERIC but there are not as many.

Viewing Results
Doing a broader search in Education Full-Text resulted in a larger number of articles retrieved. There are 617 articles but the results can be refined. For this assignment you would want to limit your results to 'scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals'. In this section you can also limit to publication date. Below this you can limit your results to 'source types'. Here you would select 'academic journals'. 

Notice the first article abstract has an icon that says 'academic journal'. Below the abstract is the PDF full text icon. The full-text is available immediately.

Sample Article
Looking at this record we see the article title, journal title, volume, date and pages highlighted. looking on the right side there are images such as charts and graphs included in the article. Also notice on the left there is a PDF Full Text icon so you can access the article.  Within in the abstract the highlighted words offer more clues to indicate this is a study. It tells you what was examined in the study, who the population or subjects are, and discusses the results and implications for future research.


Hours and Locations