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EDP 313-Childhood and Adolescence


PsycInfo is used by many disciplines including education.  This database is a good resource for identifying empirical studies on a wide range of topics including those in this class.  This database uses the same ProQuest platform and search mechanism as ERIC.  Like ERIC it also has a very powerful thesaurus.

Selecting subjects through the thesaurus the terms were entered into the search boxes automatically as they were in ERIC. The number of terms to describe middle schools is limited here as compared to ERIC because the focus of this database is not education the way it is in ERIC. At the same time notice that the options for physical development are greater though.

There are ways to limit the search results under 'Search Options'.  A big different in PsycInfo is the ability to easily limit results to Empirical Study.



Viewing Results

The limiting options in PsycInfo help you focus your search results. You can limit to peer-reviewed journals, scholarly articles, methodology used [empirical, qualitative, quantitative etc.], publication date and more.  The motar board and tassles indicates scholarly articles in the same way as it did in ERIC.




Sample Article

The highlighted words offer more clues to indicate this is a study.  On the right, notice there is a link to the full-text of the article.  If there is not link, click on Get It! @ ASU to see if full-text is available.


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