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Aerial Photos

A guide to aerial photographs in the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub.


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Maricopa County Historic Photography

Maricopa County Historic Photography: The Maricopa County Office of Enterprise Technology has historic photography available in years ranging from 1930 to present. 



Landiscor Phoenix Photo Atlases: From 1969 to 2006, Landiscor produced aerial photo books of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area at a scale of 1:14,400. The Map and Geospatial Hub holds Phoenix photo atlases for almost every year from 1969 to 2006.  The Hub also has one Tucson Photo Atlas from 2005.

Landiscor Phoenix Real Estate Photo Book: Landiscor produces the Real Estate Photo Book four times a year. It contains color aerial photos at a scale of 1:26,400 as well as information on housing, office and industrial developments, and retail centers. The Map and Geospatial Hub has received the Real Estate Photo Book and its predecessor, the black and white Greater Phoenix Housing Study, since 1976.

Maricopa County Tax Assessor

The Map and Geospatial Hub maintains Maricopa County Tax Assessors photos from 1986 through 1997. Scales of these photos vary for different areas of the county. Photos for highly populated areas have scales of 1:4800. Photos for areas with less development are at scales of 1:7200 or 1:14,400. Photos cannot be viewed online. 

Additional years can be viewed through Maricopa County Historic Photography (see box above).

The files below contain index maps showing the Maricopa County Tax Assessor Photo holdings in the Hub. 

Hours and Locations