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HSC 210 - Cultural Aspects of Health: Step 1

Library resources for HSC210 : Cultural influences for health, healthcare practices, barriers to health care, interactions with healthcare professionals, and health disparities in the U.S. Cultural competence among health practitioners.

Step 1: Get to know your ASU Library

ASU Library is here to support you in your research and studying success!

Watch this 1 minute 'Library Minute' video for an overview of ASU Library resources, services, and locations:



Look for:

  1. How many library locations are available?
  2. How can you get to the online library at ASU?
  3. Can you request materials to come to any location?
  4. What are 'Library Guides?'
  5. What service can connect you to research assistance anytime?

Subject Guide

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Kevin Pardon
411 N. Central Ave., Downtown Phoenix campus Library

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