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HSC 210 - Cultural Aspects of Health: Step 5

Library resources for HSC210 : Cultural influences for health, healthcare practices, barriers to health care, interactions with healthcare professionals, and health disparities in the U.S. Cultural competence among health practitioners.

Step 5: Explore Citation Manager Tools

Citation Manager or Bibliographic Manager Tools are applications (software) or online platforms that allow you to keep track of your research as you go through many different Research Databases, other online sources, print sources, or other methods to gather information for your projects.  You can keep records of citation information (authors, title, abstract, journal title, book title, book chapter, abstract/summary) for each information item you find, and you can usually pull or attach full text of sources to keep in your citation manger if the full text is available and if the tool you choose has that feature.  *Importantly, these tools also offer you the ability to create reference lists in any style (APA, AMA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) when you're done with a project, using the information about each source that you've already added to your citation manager.  Some even have many specific journal citation styles available.

Read through the information and the table comparing Citation Manager Tools on the:

Citation Manager Tools Library Guide

Here's what the chart looks like - go to the guide to see the full thing!  :-)

*ASU Library fully supports RefWorks, and makes access to it and use of it free to each ASU student, staff, and faculty.

Get set up with RefWorks at the RefWorks Library Guide


*If you choose a different Citation Manager Tool, we will still do our best to support you in its use.

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