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HSC 210 - Cultural Aspects of Health: Step 6

Library resources for HSC210 : Cultural influences for health, healthcare practices, barriers to health care, interactions with healthcare professionals, and health disparities in the U.S. Cultural competence among health practitioners.

Step 6: Explore the ASU Library Library Guides

The page you're on now is part of a Library Course Guide for your HSC 210 course.  Did you know that ASU Library has many library guides available on Research topics, Courses, Events, and more?  (Of course you did, because you already watched the Library Minutes on ASU Library Introduction and ASU Library Online Access!)

Explore the ASU Library Library Guides!

Look for:

  • Health at ASU Library Guide
  • Exercise and Wellness Guide
  • Any topic of interest to you!


1) Using the ASU Library Library Guides home page

  • Are there guides for other courses you're taking, or research guides you're interested in?
  • Which How To guides look useful?
  • Any Current Topics guides that catch your interest?

2) Searching for Library Guides via the Library One Search search box

(from your My ASU home page, or from the ASU Library home page)

Type:  _________ library guide - where ______ is your topic or guide title of interest.  

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