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SOC 241 Modern Social Problems: Washington Post

Find instructions for locating newspaper articles (public attention data) on "poverty industry" topics in this guide.

Connect to Washington Post via Lexis Nexis

1. Use Journal Tab on Library Search Box


2. Select Lexis Nexis Option


Search Washington Post

Written Instructions here... A Video of the process in box below!

1. Select Advanced Search Option

2. Fill in Search Form  

  • Select date range using the calender option
    • repeat for each year, one at a time
  • Enter Search
    • Click in box to clear the help text.
    • Choose BODY on segment menu (enter search terms)
    • if you need to use an OR for synonyms, Click OR
    • Choose BODY again on segment menu and enter search terms
  • Apply

3. Apply Populates the Search Form, click Search

Building an Advanced Search in Lexis Nexis Academic

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