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KIN 290 - Intro to Evidence Based Practice: In-Class Library Session

Finding the Full Text

Can you find the full text of this article?  If not, what should you do?

¨Pratt, C. A., Boyington, J., Esposito, L., Pemberton, V. L., Bonds, D., Kelley, M., . . . Stevens, J. (2013). Childhood obesity prevention and treatment research    (COPTR): Interventions addressing multiple influences in childhood and adolescent obesity. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 36(2), 406-413.    doi:10.1016/j.cct.2013.08.010 [doi] 


Jae, S. Y., Fernhall, B., Lee, M., Heffernan, K. S., Lee, M. K., Choi, Y. H., . . . Park, W. H. (2006).
   Exaggerated blood pressure response to exercise is associated with inflammatory markers.  Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 26(3), 145-149.    doi:00008483-200605000-00005 [pii]


Reinke, Lynn F. (2017). Research priorities in subspecialty palliative care: policy initiatives. Journal of Palliative Medicine 20(8), 813-820.


Evaluating Sources

Examine the following 2 web sources.


Evaluate & Discuss these resources with a partner.  Keep in mind the CRAAP Test
When was the information published or posted?
Who is the intended audience?
Is the author qualified to write on the topic?
What is the purpose of the information?

You try it!

Take your topic: What are the effects of caffeine on endurance performance?

1) What keywords will you use to search?

2) What synonyms can you think of for those keywords?

3) Try out a search in PubMed or another Research Database

4) Did you get some good results?  If not, try a different search in PubMed or another database?

6) Choose an article that is interesting and/or best relates to your research question.

7) Questions?  Problems?

  Contact your Health Sciences Librarian, or use Ask A Librarian!

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