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KIN 290 - Intro to Evidence Based Practice: In-Class Library Session #2

Research Database Searching

What is the MeSH is the most relevant term for the following concepts:

  • Breast Cancer?
  • Tai Chi?
  • Educating physical therapy patients?

Take your topic: What are the effects of caffeine on endurance performance?

1 ) List the relevant MeSH terms or CINAHL Subject Headings that you might use when searching for information related to your first assignment

2) Develop a search that incorporates at least one MeSH term or tag in PubMed or one Subject Heading in CINAHL

3) Select an article from one of your results that looks good.  What are the MeSH terms “tagged” to this article?

RefWorks Activity

  1. Set up & Create your RefWorks account by going to the ASU Library website https://lib.asu.edu and selecting RefWorks from under "accounts"
  2. Follow the instructions for importing articles from the CINAHL or PubMed database at this link: https://libguides.asu.edu/refworks
  3. Create a Folder for this class or assignment in RefWorks (click on new folder button)
  4. Create a bibliography using the articles you transferred from CINAHL or PubMed to RefWorks (select the articles and click create bibliography)

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