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KIN 290 - Intro to Evidence Based Practice: How to Cite a Book (Monograph) in APA Format

Book (Monograph) Citations

Basic Rules for Citing a BOOK

  • Titles of books are italicized.
  • Titles of books are NOT underlined.
  • Use hanging indent.
  • Capitalize the first word of a book title and the first word of the subtitle, if any, and any proper nouns.
  • Put edition and report numbers in parenthesis after book title.
  • For more rules, see p. 185-186 in the APA manual (6th).

Reference to a book, one author.

Author, A. A. (date). Title of work. Location: Publisher.

Example below:

Blobaum, P. M. (2009). How to teach APA style to nursing students.
        Chicago: Williamsen.

Note: the indent should be 1/2" or 5 to 7 spaces, or the typical "tab" key spacing. DOUBLE SPACE entries.(The examples are single spaced to save room in LibGuide)

Reference to a book, two or more authors.

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (date). Title of work. Location: Publisher.

Example below:

Beck, C. A. J., & Sales, B. D. (2001). Family mediation: Facts, myths, and future prospects.  
       Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Reference to an edited book.

Editor, A. A., & Editor, B. B. (Eds.). (date). Title of work. Location:

Example below:

Gibbs, J. T., & Huang, L. N. (Eds.). (1991). Children of color: Psychological interventions with
        minority youth. S
an Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Reference to a chapter in an edited book.

Author, A. A. (date). Title of chapter. In A. A. Editor & B. B. Editor (Eds.), Title of book (pp.xxx-xxx).
        Location: Publisher.

Note: the change in editor's last name first rule; 6th edition requires
editor first initials first, see p. 202-3 APA manual)

Example below:

Bjork, R. A. (1989). Retrievel inhibition as an adaptive mechanism in human memory. In H. L.
        Roediger III & F. I. M. Craik (Eds.), Varieties of memory and consciousness (pp. 309-330). 
        Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.


Thanks to Paul Blobaum, M.A., M.S., Associate Professor, University Library, College of Health and Human Services Librarian, Governors State University.


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