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BME 494/598: Approaches for Innovating in Healthcare Technologies

Course also labelled as HCR598 and SCM 494/591. This guide contains ASU Links for the Library and Internet resources recommended at Additional ASU resources are also listed.


This page contains engineering and technology resources available in the ASU Library: 

Recommended ASU Databases


We recommend the following free-internet databases for patents ...

  • US PTO full-text databases (one each for applications and issued patents)
    US patents and applications only.  Issued patent data is released every Tuesday and application data every Thursday. 

  • EPO Espacenet Worldwide database
    International patent data from over 90 countries including the U.S. 

  • Google Patents 
    Contains data from USPTO and EPO databases but not always up-to-date.  

We have a detailed, separate guide for patents available.  On that guide you'll find: 



ANSI's University Outreach Program


Most of the standards within the ASU Library are contained within a special print collection located in the Noble Library on the Tempe campus.  This is a non-circulating collection (items cannot be checked out).  

We have access to two organizations' online standards IEEE (part of the IEEE Xplore database) and ASTM (part of the ASTM Digital Library).  

The following instructions are for working with standards from organizations other than IEEE and ASTM. 

If you have the standard agency and number ... 


Enter the organization's ACRONYM (Ex. SEMI)

On the results screen, click on the link for the organization; this will display a list of all the standards that are available from that organization.

Search Notes:

    • If your standard does not have an organization in the number, assume it is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard.
      Example: A13.1 2007, enter ANSI

    • If the standard is labeled as sponsored by both ANSI and another organization, enter the other organization.
      Example: ANSI/SMPTE 300, enter SMPTE


If you are looking for standards by subject, try these databases ...

  1. Multiple Organization databases:
    The following commercial providers have databases in which you can identify standards from multiple organizations.  You will not be able to see the full text of the standards online from these databases; after identifying which standards you need, use the search box directly above to see if the standards are available in the ASU Library.
    • IHS Global Engineering
      Covers international standards (ISO, IEC) as well as national standards from many countries.  Search by keyword in title or by document number. 

    • NSSN
      The database of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); covers ANSI-approved standards as well as some non-ANSI documents.  Includes many ISO standards used in the U.S.  Search by keyword in title or by document number. 

    • TechStreet
      Covers many U.S. SIOs (Standards Issuing Organizations) as well as ISO. 
  2. For individual organizations, use the search engine available on their website.

Books from

The books listed below are those in the technology, engineering and/pr design subject that were recommended by the eBiodesign website.  If the item is vailable at the ASU Library the title will lead you to the catalog record.   If a title is not linked, this means it's not available. 

In general, consider: 

  • Checking the ASU Library's Catalog (or Library One Search database) to find similar books on the same topic.
  • Using the ASU Library's Interlibrary Loan services to get a short loan of whatever book is not available at ASU.
  • Using the Knovel database (the full text of over 5,000 engineering handbooks) to information on an engineering topic. 



Articles and Webpages from

  • Noriaki Kano, Nobuhiku Seraku, Fumio Takahashi, Shinichi Tsuji, “Attractive Quality and Must-Be Quality,” Journal of the Japanese Society for Quality Control (in Japanese), April 1984, 14(2): 39-48 – Original article.  
    The full text (in Japanese) is not available in ASU Library; only Japanese text is available via the Interlibrary Loan service.  A short English summary is available on the web. Many articles on the "Kano Method" can be found via databases such as 

  • Electronic Stack Exchange 
    A question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts

  • IHS Engineering 360 (formerly GlobalSpec)
    A search engine and information source designed especially to serve the engineering, manufacturing, and related scientific and technical market segments.

  • MathWorks
    Explore products for MATLAB, the language of technical computing, and Simulink, for simulation and Model-Based Design.

  • MatWeb
    Database of materials. Does not tell which devices use what materials, but it can be used to check the grade of materials.

  • McMaster-Carr
    A supply company with more than 550,000 products

  • Microchip 's PIC Microcontrollers site
  • National Instrument's LabView site

  • SparkFun
    An online marketplace for electronics designed specifically for prototyping, which also includes tutorials, references, a blog, and other resources.

  • Special Issue on Kano’s Method for Understanding Customer-Defined Quality,” Center for Quality of Management Journal, Fall 1993.

  •  "3D Printing”,
    "The entry on 3D Printing is recommended by engineers as being comprehensive and up-to-date."

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