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BME 494/598: Approaches for Innovating in Healthcare Technologies

Course also labelled as HCR598 and SCM 494/591. This guide contains ASU Links for the Library and Internet resources recommended at Additional ASU resources are also listed.

RefWorks: How to Make Record Keeping Easy

Citation management software helps you not only keep track of references but also helps you format the references into different citations styles and can format your paper along with the bibliography.  At ASU you are provided with RefWorks (; there is no charge for this service and you can have as many RefWorks accounts as you like.  You can even have an account for a team and share the account name/password among the team members.    

There are many other citation management programs available and you are free to use whichever you prefer, however, RefWorks is the only program for which the ASU Library provides technical support.  

Want to Know More About RefWorks?

Want to know more about what RefWorks can do for you?  RefWorks provides a complete set of 30 tutorials running for slightly over two hours.   

There's no need to view all the tutorials, we recommend the following to get you started:

1.0 Introduction (47s)

1.1 Accessing RefWorks, Creating an Account and Logging In (2m 53s)
To access the ASU version of RefWorks, go to or go to the Libraries home page at scroll down to "Frequently Used Resources" and click on "RefWorks"

1.2 Adding References Using Direct Export (2m 14s)

1.3 Organizing Imported References into Folders (2m 7s)

1.5 Creating a Bibliography (1m 53s)

2.2 Adding References by Importing Text Files (2m 9s)

2.3 Adding References by Manual Entry (1m 55s)

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