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TCL 373: Latina/ Chicana Issues: Home

Course Description

Developed as a critical examination of the lives of Latinas in the United States, this course documents the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, & class in the day-­to-­day survival strategies of these women. Students will explore the lived experiences of Latinas and Chicanas as they: survive the borderlands of the United States, work and labor across time, contest patriarchy, embrace cultural identity, and construct feminista ideologies.


Chicano/a Research Collection

Use the Special Materials Index and Arizona Archives Online to find archival material about Latinas-Chicanas. 

Search Tip: When you're looking for material, use different search terms like: Chicana, Latina, Hispanic, Mexican American, Mujer, Feminist, etc.

Educational Films

Use ASU Library CatalogFilms on Demandor American History in Video to find films or documentaries.


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