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CMN 505: Methods in Applied Communication Research: Templates and Examples

This guide supports the Methods in Applied Communication Research course. Discover how to find information from multiple perspectives surrounding a topic.

Templates and Examples

PhD Posters
A gallery of sample posters

"Pimp My Poster" Flickr Group
A group on Flickr for sharing posters with getting feedback on design


Templates can assist you to visualize content of your poster session.  But templates may include areas for elements your poster will not include.  These links take you to various sites that provide sample templates.  Some are academic while some are commercial.  No endorsement of any company or product should be inferred from their inclusion here.

This company specializes in printing single-sheet poster sessions, providing free templates in PowerPoint and tutorials for using them, and print services.

Google Images
Numerous images from Google that illustrate posters from a variety of sources.  Some are templates, others examples of completed posters.

Other templates are embedded in the tutorials and other guides to preparing poster sessions listed and linked to on the first page of this guide.

Text Sizing and Spacing

Text on your poster should be legible from a distance.  Title and Abstract legible at about 6 feet (beyond what is ordinarily considered social space)  Other elements should be legible in the area of 3 feet, which moves the viewer into range for engagement with the presenter.)

  • References and works cited can be smaller, but not so small as to require the viewer to lean in closely to read.
  • Avoid large, unbroken blocks of text.  Be sure to provide appropriate margins and/or white space to avoid you text looking crowded.

  • Avoid use of ALL UPPERCASE letters.  Text in uppercase is more difficult to read.

  • Use bullet points for short, specific statements.  Bullet statements do not need to be phrased in complete sentences.

Text is measured in point size.  The smaller the point size the more than can fit on a sheet of paper, but the greater the difficulty of reading.

Examples of Text size
Illustration of text legibility in different point sizes (12, 24, 30, 36, and 48 pt.) and the quantity of text that can fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.


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