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TEL 101/TEL 194 for Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College: Poly & West campus Students: Citing Sources

This library guide is to support first year education students in the LEAD program cohort consisting of TEL 101/TEL 194, TEL 111 & COM 111
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When & Why You Should Cite the Sources You Use

Why should you cite your sources?
  • Citations credit the author of the original work who provided you with the information or idea
  • Citations allow your audience to identify and find the source material in order to learn more about your topic
  • Citations give your paper more credibility because it shows you're supporting your arguments withhigh-quality sources
  • Citations help you avoid plagiarism & demonstrate your integrity as a responsible researcher and participant in your field of study
When to Cite Sources

Information that contributed to your thoughts, analysis or synthesis of ideas should be cited. Following are examples of when you should always cite your sources.

  • Direct quotes of more than one word; the author’s words are used to make your argument
  • Paraphrase someone's ideas by putting the idea or words into your own words
  • Summarize someone elses ideas or thoughts
  • Information that generally may be considered common knowledge but is not familiar to your reader inclding statistical information
  • Information you are not sure should be cited should be cited to avoid plagiarism.

Citing Sources

As you do research for various projects in your course such as research papers or the speech you will develop this semester it is important to credit the sources you used in documenting your research. The following resources will assist you in citing sources adequately and correctly.  MLFTC has adopted the APA Style as the preferred citation style for use in their courses.

Created by the ASU Library this guide introduces a variety of citation styles including APA and MLA with information about in-text citations and examples of how to format citations.

APA Citation Style Tutorial
Created by the ASU Library, this tutorial offers guidelines for and examples of APA Style.

Guide to using APA Stytle from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.


RefWorks is a user-friendly database system that allows you to create and manage your citations via the Web. These citations can then be easily inserted in papers or publications, and are automatically added to bibliographies in multiple citation styles.

Create your own RefWorks account now. You'll need your ASUrite ID and password.


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