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CED 501 / CPY 702: Research and Evaluation in Counseling

Citation Managers

A reference manager can help you save and store your citations as well as help you create a formatted bibliography. Two free possibilities are Mendeley and Zotero. We have a guide that can help you. Citation Managers

APA Style

There is no online access to the complete APA Style Manual. We have print copies in the Libraries, but the only online access you can purchase is the section on electronic references and that is only available for a Kindle from Amazon or as a PDF file from the APA. However there are many free resource on the web that usually work well for most people. Start with the Purdue OWL site. It is a clear and well-organized site with many helpful examples.

PsycInfo can also help. PsycInfo and many other databases will have a "cite" button or something similar that will allow you to generate a citation for your bibliography. This is great! Just be sure to treat this as a "first draft" of the citation and check it very carefully for mistakes.

Still have questions?

Have a question about APA style? Here are several APA websites that are worth a look.

Frequently Asked Questions about APA Style

APA Style Blog Searchable blog managed by the style experts at APA. The blog has several features to help you navigate the site, whether you are just browsing or looking for an answer to a specific question. For example, you can search the blog, explore posts by category, and view the most recent posts and comments. There is also a "contact us" link that will let you send an email question to the Style Experts.

Tutorials and Learning Resources

APA Style Help



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