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TEL 215 Child & Adolescent Development: Searching ERIC

Course page in support of TEL 215 Child & Adolescent Development

Search Strategy

Search Tips for ERIC (ProQuest)

Step 1:  Select a topic

Step 2:  Click on the ERIC link in Database box of this guide

Step 3: Enter keywords & click Search OR Click on Thesaurus to find subject

Step 4:  Use subjects found in Thesaurus to search

Step 5: Limit results to empirical articles [DT:  143 Reports: Research]

Step 6: Click on link to full text or click on   to locate full-text


To learn more about searching ERIC view the ERIC Tutorial

ERIC Subjects Using the Thesaurus

The subjects you are required to search: cognitive, social, emotional & physical development all happen to be ERIC subjects making it easier to complete this assignment.  Anyone of those searched alone will find many articles; to limit your results you may wish to add another subject such as middle school students, english language learners etc. To select a subject to search click on the check box and enter.

Sample Thesaurus entry:

Search Statement

When selecting subjects via the Thesaurus the system inputs the information into search box and adds AND & OR where needed.

Search Results

Resource Record


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