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Global Launch: Peru - Teachers: Searching for Articles

Guide to support Peruvian Teachers on the West campus


Search Tips for ERIC (ProQuest)

Step 1:  Select a topic

Step 2:  Click on the ERIC link in Database box of this guide

Step 3: Enter keywords & click Search OR Click on Thesaurus to find subject

Step 4:  Use subjects found in Thesaurus to search

Step 5: Limit results to empirical articles [DT:  143 Reports: Research]

Step 6: Click on link to full text or click on   to locate full-text

To learn more about searching ERIC view the ERIC Tutorial

Click on the Searching ERIC tab to see a sample search.

Finding Articles

To access these databases you are required to log in using your ASUrite ID and password.

Education Full Text 
Covers education topics such as critical thinking, teaching methods, curriculum, comparative education, literacy standards, multicultural education, psychology, special education, counseling, teacher/parent relations, vocational education, etc.

ERIC (via Proquest) 
Premier U.S. database of education literature. Sponsored by the US Department of Education. Includes journal (EJ) and ERIC Document (ED) citations with abstracts; full text of ERIC Documents from 1993 to present. ERIC tutorial. Free version of ERIC is also available.

LearnTechLib (formerly EdITLib Digital Library)
Valuable resource of peer-reviewed and published international journal articles and conference papers on the latest research, developments, and applications related to all aspects of Educational Technology and E-Learning.

Google Scholar
Works like a regular Google search but searches for scholarly information found in books, book chapters, journals and reports. By linking to Google Scholar via the library home page [this link] you can access the full-text made available.

A comprehensive index of psychological literature from the 1800s to the present. 

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts 
Indexes literature on the nature and use of language. Covers linguistics (nature and structure of human speech); language (speech sounds, sentence and word structure, meaning, spelling, phonetics); and speech, language, and hearing pathology.

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
Covers a wide range of academic subjects. This database does includes magazines and newspapers so when looking for scholarly sources be sure to limit your results to peer-reviewed journals.

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