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Classical Studies

Resources relating to Classical Studies with particular emphasis upon the languages, literatures and histories of Greece, Rome and the Ancient World.

Complementary ASU Library Guides

by Ed OettingBee Gallegos - last updated on Aug 13th, 2010
History Resources covering North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East


History for Online Degree programs  This guide is intended for students in the online Bachelor's in History degree.  It does not cover materials physically accessible at ASU Library.

 Literature Reviews and Annotated Bibliographies
by Ed Oetting - last updated on Jan 10, 2012


Medieval and Rennaissance Studies  by Rachel Leket-Mor  Resources covering Medieval and Rennaissance Studies, ca 800 - 1700


Philosophy   by Rachel Leket-Mor 

Primary Sources
by Ed Oetting - last updated on Dec 9, 2011
This guide will provide access and links to the substantial and ever-growing wealth of primary sources available through ASU Library or freely-accessible through the Internet

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