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American Experience Initiative Grant

About American Initiative Experience

The American Experience Initiative (AEI), sponsored by the Henry Luce Foundation, is a multi-platform collaborative model for cross-cultural education and engagement between American and Chinese universities. This ambitious initiative is led by Arizona State University, but combines the resources and intellect of scholars from across the globe.  It is inherently interdisciplinary, bringing together the perspectives of different forms of academic inquiry. It blends the advantages of face-to-face collaboration with the broad reach provided by internet technology. It is global in its fundamental nature, encouraging Chinese students and faculty to appreciate the culture of the United States in its many nuances, but also to help Americans understand China better.

Components of AEI

Workshop/Short-term Training Program

Brings U.S. and Chinese faculties together to work on curriculum development. It invites curricular proposals that cover a range of historical and contemporary themes. The selected Chinese teams will participate in a collaborative week long series of workshops that will build out the module jointly with ASU teams and Luce consultants. 

Learn more about the Workshop Programs.

Annual Leadership Academy

Designed to foster in-depth understanding in American culture to support the development of modules. In addition to academic discussions and panel sessions, the academy integrates high-level interdisciplinary experience by partnering with Global Leadership organizations in Washington, D.C. 

Learn more about the module development process on our Annual Leadership Academy page.

Virtual Learning Experience

A separate, but conceptually integrated component. The VLE establishes a virtual platform for all AEI participants to share module updates, interact with other scholars and stay connected with the AEI network. It includes repositories of content as collections of complex learning objects, associated learning activities and a metadata wrapper of relational information.  

Find out more about Virtual Learning Experiences.

Course Design

As A supplemental document to AEI Workshops, it demonstrates the process of module design to help faculty participants with visualizing the elements of the design process and understanding the steps in developing courses in American Studies. This guide offers three components to the module design process, including the module design process map, content development questions and post-course evaluation metrics. It introduces five elements of module de- sign consist of Pre-class Assessment, Structural Development, Content Framework, Delivery and In- trustional Design and Course Evaluation. AEI Module Design Guide servers a systematic approach to developing courses that are inclusive by incorporating multiple perspectives and cross-disciplinary objectives to enhance the overall learning experience. 

Find More about Course Design.

Activity Photos

2016 AEI Spring Workshop at Tempe, AZ

The Heard Museum Tour

2016 AEI October Leadership Academy at Washington, D.C.

Group Photo with Smithsonian, 2016 AEI October Leadership Academy at Washington, D.C.

Virtual Learning Experience, with EdPlus Industrial Designers

Interdisciplinary Course Development

Leadership Development: Global Exchange Experiences

Washington D.C. City Tour

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-Openning Ceremony

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-Class Observation

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-ASU Library Tour

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-team discussion with consultants

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-Presentation & Critique Session

2017 AEI Spring Workshop-Presentation & Critique Session

The Heard Museum Tour

Virtual Learning Experience, @Skysong with ASU EdPlus team

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