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Hurricane Emergency Resources

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Safety Tips

  • Stay put. Do not return home until local officials say it is safe.
  • If it is safe to do so, check on your neighbors. You may be the help they need right now.
  • Keep out of the water. Flood water can contain dangerous debris, downed power lines, and germs. Do not attempt to walk, swim, wade, or drive through flood waters.
  • Let first responders do their job. Stay off the roads, beaches, and waterways. Use VHF Channel 16, or call 911 for emergency needs.
  • Safety Check-in. Text instead of calling to let loved ones know that you are safe; keep phone lines open for first responders.


Resources for Mental and Physical Health



Officials are trying to confirm whether Texas floodwaters have spread contamination from toxic waste sites, as water recedes and residents return to homes that, in some cases, were flooded with water that passed over these known contaminated areas.

The Environmental Protection Agency says 13 Superfund sites were flooded and potentially damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

For health information on flooding caused by Harvey, see

Hours and Locations