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APL 555: Disciplinary Discourse

About the Hyperlinked Searches

The pages within the ASU Library Catalog Searches menu are an alphabetical listing of all Library of Congress Subject Headings focused on student topics. Entries in the list were largely gathered through consultation of the LC Subject Headings (LCSH) controlled vocabulary from the Linked Data Service suite from the Library of Congress.

  • Each of the various LCSHs were searched against the ASU Library Catalog.
  • When one or results match the subject heading a persistent hyperlink has been created.
  • When one or more results is available as Full Text Online a second hyperlink has been created.

ASU Library Catalog Searches

English language--Study and teaching--Norwegian speakers
English language--Study and teaching--Periodicals [Full Text Online] Open Access
English language--Study and teaching--Portuguese speakers [Full Text Online] Open Access
English language--Study and teaching--Psychological aspects [Full Text Online]
English language--Study and teaching--Russian speakers
English language--Study and teaching--Southeast Asia [Full Text Online]
English language--Study and teaching--Spanish speakers [Full Text Online] Open Access
English language--Study and teaching--Swedish speakers
English language--Study and teaching--Turkish speakers
English language--Study and teaching--United States [Full Text Online]
English language--Study and teaching--United States--Foreign speakers [Full Text Online]
English language--Technical English--Study and teaching [Full Text Online]
English language--Transcription [Full Text Online]
English language--Variation [Full Text Online] Open Access
English langauge--Varation--English-speaking countries [Full Text Online]
English language--Variation--English-speaking countries [Full Text Online]
English language--Variation--Foreign countries [Full Text Online]
English language--Variation--Great Britain [Full Text Online]
English language--Variation--United States [Full Text Online]
English-speaking countries [Full Text Online] Open Access
French language--Grammar, Generative [Full Text Online]
French language--Study and teaching--English speakers [Full Text Online]
Generative grammar [Full Text Online] Open Access
Generative grammar--Congresses [Full Text Online]
German language--Grammar, Generative [Full Text Online]
Government-binding theory (Linguistics) [Full Text Online]
Grammar [Full Text Online] Open Access
Grammar, Generative [Full Text Online] Open Access
International agencies--Language policy
Interpreters for the deaf [Full Text Online]
Interviewing in sociolinguistics [Full Text Online]
Language AND Cognition [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language AND Diaspora [Full Text Online]
Language and languages--Ability testing [Full Text Online] Full Text Online
Language and languages--Computer-assisted instruction [Full Text Online]
Language and languages--Etymology [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language and languages--Variation [Full Text Online]
Language and languages--Variation--Congresses [Full Text Online]
Language AND Mental Health [Full Text Online]
Language AND Mental Illness [Full Text Online]
Language AND Technology [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language AND Trauma [Full Text Online]
Language planning [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language policy [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language policy--Canada [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Congresses [Full Text Online] Open Access
Language policy--Europe [Full Text Online]
Language policy--India [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Ireland [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Korea (South)
Language policy--Québec (Province) [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Singapore
Language policy--South Africa [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Soviet Union [Full Text Online]
Language policy--Ukraine
Language policy--United States [Full Text Online]
Lexicography [Full Text Online] Open Access
Lexicography--Congresses [Full Text Online]
Lexicography--Data processing [Full Text Online]
Library science--Lexicography
Limited English-proficient students [Full Text Online]
Linguistic change [Full Text Online]
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery
Psycholinguistics [Full Text Online] Open Access
Psycholinguistics--Ability testing
Psycholinguistics--Congresses [Full Text Online] Open Access
Psycholinguistics--Periodicals [Full Text Online] Open Access
Second language acquisition [Full Text Online] Open Access
Second language acquisition AND Motivation [Full Text Online]
Second language acquisition AND Motivation (Psychology) [Full Text Online]
Second language acquisition AND Motivation in education [Full Text Online]
Sign language [Full Text Online] Open Access
Sign language acquisition [Full Text Online]
Sign language--Dictionaries
Sign language--Law and legislation [Full Text Online]
Sign language--Religious aspects [Full Text Online]
Signed English
Sociolinguistics [Full Text Online] Open Access
Sociolinguistics in literature
Sociolinguistics--Africa [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--Brazil [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--Congresses [Full Text Online] Open Access
Sociolinguistics--Europe [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--Germany [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--India [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--Network analysis
Sociolinguistics--Periodicals [Full Text Online] Open Access
Sociolinguistics--Spain--Catalonia [Full Text Online]
Sociolinguistics--United States [Full Text Online]
Spanish language--Grammar, Generative [Full Text Online]
Sublanguage--Lexicography [Full Text Online]
Terms and phrases--Lexicography [Full Text Online]
Translating and interpreting--Lexicography [Full Text Online]
United Nations--Language policy [Full Text Online]

The ASU Library acknowledges the twenty-two Native Nations that have inhabited this land for centuries. Arizona State University's four campuses are located in the Salt River Valley on ancestral territories of Indigenous peoples, including the Akimel O’odham (Pima) and Pee Posh (Maricopa) Indian Communities, whose care and keeping of these lands allows us to be here today. ASU Library acknowledges the sovereignty of these nations and seeks to foster an environment of success and possibility for Native American students and patrons. We are advocates for the incorporation of Indigenous knowledge systems and research methodologies within contemporary library practice. ASU Library welcomes members of the Akimel O’odham and Pee Posh, and all Native nations to the Library.