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CRJ 100

This guide will assist new Criminology students with using the library for research

Evaluating research articles

1. What are the conclusions of the study?

     A. Read the title.

     B. Read the abstract (summary).

     C. Read the discussion section.

2. Read the beginning of the article.

     A. Introduction to the study

          1. What is the problem?

          2. What are the broader areas that have been studied?

          3. Previous work completed in the area (review of literature): What have others done?

          4. Something is wrong with current practice, therefore this study needs to be done.

3. Findings/Results

     A. Do they make sense?

     B. What type of information is reported?

          1. Demographics

          2. Simple statistical information

          3. More complex analyses

4. Methods

     A. How did the researcher look at the question?

     B. Did the researcher pick the .right. subjects?

     C. Did the researcher pick the .right. variables?

5. Clinical judgment

     A. Was the study worth doing?

     B. Do you accept the conclusions?

     C. Is it useful for practice?

          1. Can you do anything with it?

          2. What can you do with it?

          3. Does it look useful?

          4. Any risk to changing practice?

          5. What other questions do you have?

From: Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing Volume 9, Issue 2, Version of Record online: 24 AUG 2004


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