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Library Resources for Canvas

This guide includes instructions for integrating ASU Library resources in Canvas.


ASU Library Reading Lists makes it easy and engaging to create, access, and manage course reading lists. Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types, librarians can provide resources more efficiently and scale up to support more courses, and students can access all course materials in one place and from any device.

  • Building reading lists that are relevant, easily accessible, interactive and include all types of materials. Save time through workflows for creating, sharing and maintaining lists year after year
  • Saying goodbye to off-campus access or link maintenance for library resources in Blackboard
  • Saving and reusing Reading Lists in other courses or future semesters
  • Enhancing student success and fostering meaningful learning by providing access to course materials through an intuitive interface that is available on any device and is seamlessly integrated with course management systems
  • Launch ASU Library Reading Lists
  • Create lists by adding materials from ASU Library, the Internet or personal files
  • Use the [Send List] button to send the list to the library for verification and requesting materials as needed
  • Publish list when ASU Library confirms the Reading List 

Contacts: Chris Thuenen and Lisa Kammerlocher

Known Issues: Development Shells; ID Administrative role

1.  Development Shells: Some development shells do not automatically connect to ASU Library Reading List. It is a quick fix... just link to ASU Library E-reserves 

  • Course number, located on the top left of your screen: DEVSHELL-PSY-100-john-smith
  • Course name:  Introduction to Psychology
  • When you get a confirmation email you are ready to enable ASU Library Reading Lists in your Course DevShell

2. Instructional Designer Administrative Accounts: ID's, Please assign yourself the "instructor" role to use ASU Library Reading Lists. Your administrative accounts create an error in Reading Lists. 

Launch Reading Lists in Blackboard or Canvas Courses

1. 1. Open your Blackboard Course shell.  Instructional Designers... be sure you are in the course as an INSTRUCTOR, not an administrator. 

Click on Courses in the left hand Menu and follow the instructions below.


2. Enable ASU Library Reading Lists


3. SAVE to Finalize Enabling ASU Library Reading Lists



1. Open your Blackboard Course shell.  Instructional Designers... be sure you are in the course as an INSTRUCTOR, not an administrator.

You should see a button in the top left corner to open a menu of options. Click the button to open the menu and select Tool Link.



2.  Choose "ASU Library Reading Lists" which should appear near the top of the menu. 

**Make sure to check the box for “Available to User” so your students can see this tool.

Create a Reading List for Your Course


1. Click on the "My lists" tab on the left hand side of the page, from here Instructors can select the "New List" button to create a list from scratch.

2. A window will pop up at the top of the screen with options to fill out the Title and a Description of the course. Once completed hit the "Create" button.

3. From this screen, select the "Blank" template option to create your blank reading list.

4. The course draft will appear with an option asking the Instructor to associate with a course, that option will allow Instructors to enter the course title or code. Instructors can skip this step by selecting the "Not Now" option.

5. Now that the Reading List has been set up, ASU Library Reading Lists will prompt the Instructor to start adding sections.


Create and Edit Sections

  1. On the professor’s main ASU LIbary Reading List course page there is a button near the top right side, underneath the course information labeled “New Section.”

2. Once selected, A new field will pop up with a couple editing options.

  • Instructors can give their sections specific titles.
  •  Instructors can add descriptions describing the material in the section.
  • Instructors can assign start and end dates to organize their sections and can also make these sections disappear to their students when the the dates have passed.
  • Once the instructor is finished with editing the section they can click the “Create” button to publish the section or “Discard” to remove the section.

3. Once the section is created Professors can now designate requested materials to them and better organizer their course. 

Webinar and Training

The webinar presented by ExLibris on using ASU Library Reading Lists is below. You will discover the core functions of the product and see some specific examples of how to add resources from ASU Library and other sites. 


This library guide was adapted from the University of Sunshine Coast, Leganto: Creating Reading Lists.


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