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CPI 101 Introduction to Informatics

Library Research Databases






Citing Resources

Need a basic introduction to citing your sources?     

View our "Citing Sources" tutorial.  

Or Citation Styles Guide



The quickest and easiest way to manage the citations from your library research is to use citation management software.  The ASU Library, along with the University Technology Office (UTO), have made RefWorks software freely available for ASU students and faculty to use. 

Most library databases have a "direct export" feature that makes it easy to transfer records into RefWorks.  RefWorks will store your records on a Internet-accessible server so you can access them from anywhere with just a web browser.  RefWorks will create bibliographies in any one of over 300 citation styles and, with the free Write'n'Cite plug-in, RefWorks will also format your WORD document in addition to your citation list.

RefWorks is available at

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