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1. Request a New Collection

1. Complete the Deposit Request form:

  • Type: select the radio button that best describes your content - project, individual works or unit materials?
  • Name: collection title for the project, unit, group or individual.
  • Description: a collection summary, including information about content and relevant background information.
    If you are depositing individual works (articles, grey literature, presentations), please indicate how many items you are depositing.
  • Size: approximate number of files and storage size required.
  • Acknowledgements: recognize an affiliated ASU department, school, center, unit or outside institution that contributed to the collection or works.
  • Sponsor: students, please provide the name and email of a professor who will be responsible for managing the collection and responding to feedback (required for student requests).

2. Submit the form.

3. You will receive a confirmation email with information about how to proceed.

2. Manage Your Collection

After the collection has been created, you will be the collection administrator.

As a collection administrator, you can:

  • Edit the name and description of your collection.
  • Add collection administrators or contributors using their ASURITE ID.
  • Upload items (e.g., files, images, videos) to the collection.
  • Set your collection to Public and share your content.
Collection administrators receive any email feedback submitted by viewers about their collection.

3. Add Items

Items are the files or materials that you share in your collections.

Terms of Deposit

The first time you deposit items, you must agree to the ASU Digital Repository Terms of Deposit:

  1. You own the rights to deposit the content in the ASU Digital Repository, see Rights Basics.
  2. You give ASU the non-exclusive rights to archive, display and preserve the content.

An item consists of:

  1. A description (or metadata) about the item.
  2. One or more files that are attached (e.g., a document or image).

Add an Item

  1. Click Add item under your collection name.
  2. Complete the Item Creation Form.
  3. Input the metadata, or description, of your item.
  4. Attach the file or files to the repository.
  5. Add any additional descriptions for the files.
  6. Submit.

Additional Information

  1. Describe Work for additional information about metadata, formats and item names.
  2. Manage rights and access, see Rights Basics.
  3. Agree to the Digital Repository Terms of Deposit.

See the Step-by-step tutorial Adding Content to the ASU Digital Repository for more information.

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