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EXW 100: Introduction to Library Research

A step-by-step guide to finding resources for EXW 100.

Searching for articles in Academic Search Premier

 Assignment: Find five peer-reviewed articles on the role of exercise for prevention of diabetes in obese teenagers.


  1. Identify the keywords: adolescents, obesity and exercise.
  2. Access Academic Search Premier.
  3. Click on Advance Search.
  4. Insert adolescen* in the first field, obesity in the second field and exercise OR physical activity in the third field. You can change the drop down menu of each or all fields to AB Abstract.
  5. Click on Search.
  6. Click on Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals located on n the left hand-side column

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Searching for articles in PubMed

Assignment: Find five peer-reviewed articles on the role of exercise for prevention of diabetes in obese teenagers.


  1. Identify keywords (e.g., adolescents, obesity and exercise).

  2. Access PubMed:

  3. Insert the keywords adolescen* AND obesity AND (exercise OR physical activity) in the search box and click on Search.

  4. The symbol * (asterisk) is used to broaden the search and include both singular and plural forms as well as other variations of the word  (e.g., adolescen* will turn searches with the words adolescence, adolescent and adolescents). Teen* will retrieve results containg the words teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, and teenage.

  5. Click on Review on the left hand-side column, below Article types.

  6. Change the Display Settings dropdown menu (above Results) to Abstract. Click on Apply.

  7. If you want to check if ASU Library has the full-text article, click on yellow Get It!@ ASU yellow button.  

  8. To check if the article is peer-reviewed (refereed): click on Get It @ ASU, scroll down and click on link. 

You can email the articles to yourself. Select the articles, then scroll up and click on the dropdown menu of Send to. Select E-mail.

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