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IDS 301 -- Professor Tony Clark

This guide will provide resources for specific assignments: Profiling a Discipline (PaD) and Interdisciplinary Literature Review.


This Library Guide is designed to assist with the research for assignments specific to Professor Tony Clark's BIS 301 course. Ideally, this guide will provide you with enough direction to complete the assignments successfully.

If you need further help, you have two librarians, Julie Tharp and Lydia LaFaro, who are knowledgeable about these assignments, and whom you can contact for a consultation.

Julie Tharp is your primary librarian for BIS. If one of your concentrations is Business (including sub-disciplines like Marketing, Finance, Data Analytics, etc.), Organizational Leadership, or Organizational Studies, then Lydia LaFaro is your primary librarian.

Save $$

As an ASU student, you never have to pay for articles or books you need! Sometimes you will land on a page that requires payment for access to the full text.

This usually happens for one of three reasons; you are not on campus, the library does not own the resource, or there is some kind of technical glitch. First, double check to see if the library has what you need! The easiest way to do this is type the title of the article (in quotes) into Library One Search

If we don't own it you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. If you have a technical problem or questions, contact Ask A Librarian, which is available via chat.  

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