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Map and Geospatial Hub

A guide to the ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub.

Searching for Map at ASU

Maps can be found in a number of places in the libraries. When looking for a map it is important to consider the level of detail required and how up-to-date the source of the map will need to be.

Search Map and Geospatial Hub materials through the ASU Library Catalog.  Use Advanced Search to limit material type to map.

Finding Maps

Outline Maps

Outline maps show basic outlines of areas such as the counties in a state, provinces, administrative regions, countries, continents or the entire World. Because they show only the basic boundary information, they can be used as base maps to plot additional data. The Map and Geospatial Hub has several collections of outline maps for US States (State Maps on File Map and Geospatial Hub G1200.F3 1984) and countries of the World (Maps on File High Density location G1046.A1 M16).

The Central Intelligence Agency publishes maps of the World each year including maps of various countries, continents and regions of the World. The Hub staff also can assist users in producing outline maps using geographic information systems (GIS) workstations and software.


Atlases can be found using the Library Catalog. Do a keyword search on the word "map*" or "atlas*."  Add a term such as "Europe" to limit to a specific geographic. The asterisk (*) tells the computer to search for either the singular or plural forms of the keywords.  Search for historical atlases using "historic* atlas*."


Encyclopedias can be a good source for basic maps of countries and states. An online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica is accessible for on-campus use. International encyclopedias can also be a good source for maps showing political subdivisions in the country of publication. General encyclopedias from the United States and various countries around the world are located in the libraries' reference collections.


Almanacs often contain basic maps of the world. Because almanacs are published annually, they can be a good source of information on country name changes. Almanacs can be found using the Library Catalog. Use the keyword search option to search for "almanac*."  Almanacs are located in the libraries' reference collections.

Need more help finding maps? Ask a Map and Geospatial Hub Staff!

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