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Marketing & Advertising Resources: Advertising & Media Directories

This Subject Guide is designed to be a list of the most frequently used sources for advertising and marketing information, particularly for ASU class projects.

Advertising & Media

    1. AdForum: Ad Firm Search

      An excellent index of agencies. The easiest access is the agency preview search. Searches are allowed by company, specialty, geography, experience, clients, brands, products, creative work, size by income, size by employees, and parent company.

    2. Advertiser's Annual. (book) 

      A three-volume directory of UK advertising information. Volume 1 is the advertising agencies and their clients; Vol. 2 is rates and data for all forms of media (print and non-print) in the UK; and Vol. 3 covers media rates and data for the rest of the world.

    3. Agency ComPile: The Most Comprehensive Agency Directory

      "Agency ComPile is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and powerful directory of marketing communications agencies on the Web. The searchable directory includes the world’s leading advertising, public relations, direct marketing, interactive, design, sales promotion, yellow pages, recruitment and media buying agencies. Information that can be found on agencies includes in-depth profiles, work samples and case histories."

    4. Bacon's Magazine Directory. (book)
      Bacon's Newspaper Directory. (book)
          older title, 1966-1992: Bacon's Publicity Checker (book)

      These two are a U.S and Canadian media guide of who and where to send your press releases and media announcements. One volume covers the magazines and one covers newspapers. Typical information, besides the usual address and phone numbers, includes the type of publicity covered and information about the publication and its contents. In addition to its intended use, this can be used to identify the trade sources that would have the press releases on particular industries
    5. Benn's Media. (book)

      This three volume work is arranged by geography (continental region, country) and then by publication type, which includes broadcasting and cinema, and then by industry. An intersting feature is the separate section for International and InFlight Media. In the brief overview of the country, gross media information is provided. Useful contacts and embassies are also listed. Two of the three volumes are devoted to United Kingdom and Europe. Prior to 1986, this was known as Benn's Press Directory

    6. Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook. (book)

      Comprehensive listing of TV stations, AM and FM radio stations, cable systems, satellites currently in use, programming services, advertising agencies handling major radio and TV accounts, and more. First source to look at to identify any of these. Ranking of geographical markets (ADIs) can be found throughout.

    7. SRDS.com (online)
      SRDS Business Publication Advertising Source
      .  (book)
      SRDS Consumer Magazine Advertising Source.  (book)
      Direct Marketing List Source.  (book)
      SRDS Hispanic Media & Market Source.  (book)
      SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source.  (book)
      Out of Home Advertising Source.  (book)
      SRDS Print Media Production Source.  (book)
      SRDS Radio Advertising Source.  (book)
      SRDS TV & Cable Source. (book)

      These sources provide an alphabetical listing and classified subject listings for the advertising rates of business publications, newspapers, spot radio, spot TV, direct mailing lists, outdoor, and consumer magazines. The SRDS Print Media Production Source provides the information on the sizes, color, and other technical details required for accepting advertising; the actual costs of placing the advertisements are listed in the online rate and data volumes, which we do not have at this time. The useful part of the print volumes is the editorical profile of the target audience. SRDS has stopped printing these resources, which we have archived. For current information, please use SRDS.com

  1. Direct Marketing Market Place. (book)

    This is a comprehensive guide to the direct marketing industry. It includes a brief overview, with statistics of the industry and several major lists including the marketers; the service firms and suppliers; the creative services; the associations, courses, and events; and a bibliography of related materials. The index is an alphabetical list of companies and individuals.

  2. Finder Binder. (book at the Reference Desk)

    This is a directory of Arizona's print and broadcast media. In addition to basic directory information, editorial and advertising contacts are provided. The value of this source is that it lists the "free" publications that are available, particularly to tourists.

  3. Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media. (online or book)

    Directory of newspapers, magazines, journals, and newsletters published in the U.S. Information is arranged by state, then by city. Advertising costs are included, along with the key advertising contact, editor, and circulation statistics.

  4. GreenBook. Worldwide directory of marketing research companies and services
       older print edititons 1967-2006

    In the print version, an alphabetic listing of over 1400 market research companies. While heavily U.S. in focus, there are quite a few companies from around the world included in the listings. Unlike some of the other advertising directories, this one only provides the names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, branch offices, principal personnel, and a paragraph description of the services. The service descriptions are very useful. There are three additional indexes: company services, geographic/telephone, and principal personnel. The online version does require accepting the license agreement, but does not charge fees. There is also a directory of Focus Group companies.

  5. International Television and Video Almanac. (book)

    In addition to being a good directory to people, stations, awards, companies, and organizations, this includes statistics on both industries and information on programs.

  6. National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs. (book)

    This is really broader than public relations and communications because the definition includes community relations, government relations, political action committees, corporate philanthropic contributions, regulator compliance, etc. It provides more detail than most directories of public relations because it includes the dollar contributions to causes and other charity works. The contact for each type of public relations activity is provided. The access is by company name or the personal name section can be used. an industry index and a geographic index are also provided. The appendices are an index of contract lobbyists and their clients with the main section arranged state by state.

  7. O'Dwyer's Directory of Public Relations Firms. (book)

    This directory lists firms who handle the public relations for other companies.

  8. Phoenix Ad Agencies

    A directory of web pages for local advertising agencies.

  9. Shoot: Directory for Commercial Production & Postproduction
       older print editions

    This is a directory of all the companies that perform production related activities of advertising including production companies, video laboratories, visual effects, music and sound, stock footage, film commissions, etc.

  10. Advertising Red Books. 
          Advertiser, Business Classifications
    (book)  older editions
          Advertiser, Indexes (book)  older editions

    This lists over 17,000 companies and their annual appropriations for advertising campaigns. Companies are listed alphabetically within their product classifications. Indexing is alphabetical and by trade name. Information given includes address, approximate sales, line of business, ad agency employed, advertising appropriations, and types of media used. It also ranks the top 200 advertisers.

  11. Advertising Red Books.  
    Agencies. (book)  older editions

    Called the "Agency Red Book," this directory of approximately 4,400 advertising agencies in the U.S. and overseas includes address, area of specialization, number of employees, and annual billing broken down by media, key agency personnel, account executives, and major accounts. Index arranges agencies by geographic area and includes a "Special Market Index" listing agencies that specialize in particular markets, such as direct response or the Hispanic market.

  12. Television and Cable Factbook. (book)

    Directory of television stations and cable systems & services in the U.S., Canada, and overseas. Gives available data on each station, including address, news services, ownership, and rates. Provides estimates of households covered by each station, and ranks the different television markets within the U.S.

  13. Willings Press Guide. (book)

    This British publication covers the newspapers, periodicals, and annuals from around the world. It includes the basic information anyone wishing to place an advertisement would want to know. Of particular use is the information on ownership, political view, and target audience. The listings are alphabetical by continent and country.

  14. Archival dircetories (books)
       Leo Burnett Worldwide Advertising and Media Factbook 
       New York Publicity Outlets

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